Maundy Thursday at Home

Maundy Thursday at Home Agapé for Maundy Thursday The celebration of festal meals is not appropriate during Holy Week. In Christian tradition such festivities take place only after the Lenten fast has been completed by the celebration of the Great Vigil –– which is the Passover Feast of Christians –– and the reception of Easter... Continue Reading →

Bugs and Corners

As we find ourselves on the precipice of a pandemic, Christian communities find themselves facing some hard realities. All around us sports leagues, political debates, and other public events are adapting to meet a world with the Corona Virus. Lebron James might have to play a game without the roar of the crowd. Joe Biden... Continue Reading →

Epiphany 6

Since January 6th, we have been in a period of time called, the Season after the Epiphany. It is one of the green growing seasons of the church.   During these weeks we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and what he has come to accomplish. When we think about who Jesus is... Continue Reading →

Epiphany 5

In the sitcom The Office, two employees are locked in a perpetual pettiness that often manifests itself in Jim pranking Dwight and Dwight’s comical indignation.   The pranks vary from Jim putting Dwight’s stapler in a Jello mold to Jim putting the entire contents of Dwight’s desk into a vending machine.   Dwight always informs... Continue Reading →

Baptism of Our Lord

It’s a pleasure to be in Manhattan, Kansas this morning.   I actually have some roots here. In the 1950’s my grandfather went to theVeterinary School a few miles away and went on to have a practice in Southwest Iowa where I was raised.   And now, after several decades of life, who would have thought I’d wind up... Continue Reading →

Second Sunday of Christmas

Today we conclude what are very tender days in both the world both secular and Christian.   These tender days are insulated from the real world.   We take time away from school and work to be with one another.   Christmas brings to mind large family meals, singing, gift exchanges and many other images... Continue Reading →

Advent IV

  Well, are you ready?   Wednesday is coming quickly and we all want to make sure we are doing things the way we are supposed to.   These are the days we try to cross off those last couple of items from the wish list.   We want to make sure we get everyone... Continue Reading →

Advent III

It is a custom in the homes of Orthodox Christians to have an East facing wall dedicated to icons. Icons are those uniquely two dimensional depictions of familiar saints and holy figures. There are many famous examples, the most is the portrayal of the Trinity in which three angelic figures gaze upon one another.  ... Continue Reading →

Advent II

My wife has a big heart. In the summer of 2016 I was going to be doing a lot of traveling. Sara decided to basically open a hotel for dogs in our humble seminary dwelling. Sara was more than happy to take on all comers.   Now I don’t know what you folks know about... Continue Reading →

Advent I

The white is on the ground and the blue is on the altar.   There is no doubting the changing of the seasons.   The season of Advent is here.   Advent is a season of dueling anticipations.   The first we know well, the coming of the infant Jesus in the crib on Christmas.... Continue Reading →

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