The Snow Day before Lent

Staring out my window, I watch the snow accumulate. A priest from Eswatini who served for atime in Iowa once said, “I could never appreciate the words of the hymn ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’until I moved to Iowa. Now I understand ‘snow on snow on snow.’” I am saddened because thepersistent precipitation has canceled my... Continue Reading →

Proper 21

I really enjoy watching videos of artists taking a lump of clay or a blank canvas and turning it into something beyond my imagination.  Often, they will start with something abstract like a basic oval or a few triangles and slowly bring out more and more details of their subject. I’m always surprised when the... Continue Reading →

Proper 14, Bread of Life Series: Salt

The bread of life is our foretaste of perfect satisfaction. To help the audience understand how desire works. Today we have our third week in the bread of life series. We have been using the induvial ingredients of bread to helps us see why bread is so important to Jesus and why it’s so important... Continue Reading →

Proper 9

Mark 6:1-13 From time to time I will look at a map and just follow a river up and up and up stream. I love seeing where tributaries pour in and end. I love seeing the odd twists in direction. And, finally, I love seeing where the river begins, where it’s head water lie. An... Continue Reading →

2nd Sunday after Pentecost

I think it’s safe to say that if Jesus were our blood relative, family get togethers would be awkward. I can imagine a scene at the dinner table where Jesus starts in on all of the people he exorcised that day and Mary saying, “Okay Jesus, that’s enough demon talk for one day. “Let’s hear... Continue Reading →

Easter 6

Parents of all different backgrounds and experiences are confronted by the same difficult word by their young ones: why? There comes a time in a child’s development that the “what” and “how” are no longer good enough explanations. Overtime, Children want to know the meaning behind what is being asked of them. Perhaps they know... Continue Reading →

Easter 2

With Jesus, he could do anything. On Maundy Thursday Thomas had never felt closer to the person he knew would change the world. The twelve were gathered in the upper room for the last supper. It was on that night that Jesus washed his feet.  The Messiah had washed Thomas’ feet with his own hands. ... Continue Reading →

Epiphany 2

Today we hear the story of two people trying to listen to what God has to say. I pray some of you are familiar with text. The young Samuel has been entrusted into the care of the esteemed High Priest, Eli. Hannah, Samuel’s mother, so taken by her being given the gift of motherhood in... Continue Reading →

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