My name is Tom Early.  I am a priest in the Diocese of Iowa serving the people of St. Alban’s Church in Spirit Lake. I grew up in Harlan, IA, went to college at the University of Northern Iowa, and  graduated from the School of Theology at the University of the South. I like music, frisbee, and biblical exegesis. I love Jesus. Sara and Alleluia Early are up there too.

Amphibulas was the name of the priest who hid in St. Alban’s home during Christian persecution. Over time, St. Alban was converted to Christianity. Amphibulas’s earthly life depended on St. Alban and St. Alban’s spiritual life was cultivated by Amphibulas. I feel like I am the Amphibulas to my churches. May God bless our symbiotic relationship and you too, dear reader.

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